___Scheduling- The Exterior should be photographed when the sun is directly hitting the front of the home.
___ Move vehicles from driveway and away from the front of home
___ Place garbage / recycling bins and anything that is not attached to the home (garden tools, spriklers), in the Garage or out of sight.
___ Cut the grass and remove all weeds from cracks in concrete
___ When possible, water the grass 4-5 hours prior to shooting - Even a brown lawn will look better.
___ Ensure All Exterior Light Fixtures are working.
___ Turn on all Lights for Twilight Shoots.
___ Clean the Windows! Believe me... it really helps a home "POP"
___ Driveways, porches and sidewalks swept

___ Remove ALL evidence of pets.
___ Open all drapes and blinds on windows. 
___ Turn all ceiling fans OFF. They will create a motion blur in your photo and even video.
___ Replace any burnt out light bulbs.
___ Turn all inside lights ON. This will help balance the light in most areas.
___ Turn all Televisions OFF.
___ Declutter the floor and horizontal surfaces.
___ Shine all windows, glass and counters.
___ Remove rugs. Uninterupted floor space looks larger in photos.
___ Remove any furniture that obstructs windows.
___ Tidy closets.
___ Make beds and close closets.
___ Open doors between rooms to give an open feeling when possible.
___ Remove rugs from floors, especially from tile or wood floors.
___ Conceal Cords! Unplug them from the wall if needed. (Except lights)
___ No shoes by doors or anywhere... Place them in the closet.
___ Put away any medicines normally kept on counters. We will not move medicine out of a photo for you.
___ For security, remove any expensive artwork and Firearms from view. Even if they are decorative.

___ Remove any Calendars. - Calendars make a listing dated if it goes over 30 days.
___ Clear all counter tops. - No scrubbies, Soap, knives or cutting boards.
___ Okay to leave 1-2 small appliances for size perception, but more than that can be distracting.
___ Clear the Refrigerator completely. - No magnets, pictures, lists etc...
___ Clean shiny appliances very well - Dirty appliances will look smudged with flash cameras.
___ Remove trash can from kitchen.

___ Toilet lids must be down.
___ Clear the Counter-top from absolutely every item considered to be personal.
___ Remove cleaning brushes and trashcans.
___ Close Shower Curtains. If custom tiled bath, showcase with shower curtain half-open.
___ Remove Toilet Paper from Holder, or use a full roll. No partial Rolls please.
___ Place Fresh Towels on towel bars.
___ Don't forget the rugs. Remove rugs, Uninterupted floor space looks larger in photos.
___ Clear showers/baths of personal items if they are to be showcased.
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